PMD in Brief

The action of Meteorological observations for some elements began under the British mandate in Jerusalem , Jericho , Beit Qad(Jenin), Tulkarm, Arroub and Wadi Fara since 1923.


After 1948 The dependency of meteorological stations which are located in the West Bank affiliated to the Jordan meteorological dept. & the station which located in the Gaza Strip following the Egyptian meteorological authority.


In 1967 the Israeli occupation captured the meteorological station & created a new station in some Palestinian cities in the west bank and Gaza strip. and the staff employed only work on measuring and recording meteorological elements.


In 1994 the dependency meteorological stations moved to the PNA, civil aviation authority sent 25 Palestinian trainees to Egypt to form the nucleus of specialized Palestinian meteorological department.


In 1997 fourteen (14 ) Palestinian trainees were sent to the Kingdom of Morocco and that it could has the trained and qualified staff who are able to carry out meteorological services and became general directorate under a presidential decree of the ministry of transport .


In 1999 the Palestinian meteorological office became observer member in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) & a permanent member of the Permanent Arab Committee for meteorology in the league of Arab States. In the same year the network was expanded of 2 new meteorological stations have been inaugurated Ramallah city and in Gaza International Airport . In the same year ground receiving station for weather maps & satellite images were constructed, which was used for the purposes of air navigation in the Gaza Int. Airport .


In 2001 ten ( 10 ) employees were sent to train in Jordan meteorological department.


Between 2007-2008 : about 30 employee have been trained in various fields of meteorology in Turkey ,china and Egypt.


In 2008 three new meteorological stations has been installed in each of the town Kardalah in the northern Jordan valley, Bethlehem city and town of Douma ( south-eastern of Nablus city) . The Jericho , Tulkarm stations were renewed. In the same year more than fifty rainfall stations ( rain gauges ) were distributed in West Bank & Gaza strip in order to obtain climatological data for the largest geographical spread as possible of the homeland .


In 2009, seventeen (17) employee were sent to be trained practically to the Jordan Meteorological Department , in addition the representatives of Palestinian Meteorological office were participation in some conferences , workshops , local , Arab and international related links .