Meteorological Functions
  • Measuring the meteorological elements .
  • Establishing meteorological stations network .
  • The issuance of bulletins and weather forecasts .
  • Building the climate data Bank .
  • Contribute to the safety of air navigation and marine .
  • contribute to structural and economic planning .
  • contribute to agricultural development projects .
  • Issuing climate studies .
  • Limiting the effects of natural disasters by using warning bulletins .

Optimum exploitation of the climatic conditions for servicing different types of life directly or indirectly & contribute effectively to the development of the national economy in various, " Agriculture , water , energy , aviation and sea navigation, scientific research , public health" , and maintain the safety of lives and property through advising and guidance of climatological data which is accurate


Excellence in providing weather & climate services in accurate & detailed description for all beneficiaries in a timely manner .