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Monday  http://pmd.ps/pages/resources/fckFiles/Image/mostcloudy.png  19/03/2018  Clear & hot weather,  additional rise in temperatures to be above its annual means about 11 degrees,  south  easterly  slight  to moderate wind

sea status: slight wave

Tuesday  http://pmd.ps/pages/resources/fckFiles/Image/mostcloudy.png  20/03/2018 Partly cloudy to clear weather,  significant drop in temperatures  but still  above its annual means about 5 degrees,  south  westerly to north westerly slight  to moderate to active wind

sea status  slight to moderate wave

Wednesday  http://pmd.ps/pages/resources/fckFiles/Image/mostcloudy.png  21/03/2018 Clear & relatively hot weather,  rise in temperatures to be  above its annual means about 7 degrees, north  westerly to north  easterly slightto moderate to active wind.

sea status: slight wave

Thursday  http://pmd.ps/pages/resources/fckFiles/Image/mostcloudy.png  22/03/2018  Clear & hot weather,  additional rise in temperatures  to be above its annual means about 12 degrees,  south  easterly  slight  to moderate wind 

sea status: slight wave


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